cliq up - straight on the wall



The aluminum used for extruding the profiles are recycled if possible, but that could change from time to time, depending on the current market situation. The extrusion is made outside Istanbul, Turkey - a hub where a lot of the production of aluminum products in the world today happens. They simply have the expertise, the raw material, the factories and the experience to deliver the best possible product.

Machining, finishing & packing

All other manufacturing, mechanical processing and packing takes place with great professional knowledge and pride in Sweden, more specifically in Småland - a hub for mechanical industries in Sweden. The angle fittings used to connect some of the aluminum profiles are also injection molded there.


Our goal is that each tiny detail should travel as little as possible on the roads.


The profiles are anodized (silver & black) during the extrusion process which gives the mounts a harder, cleaner surface that doesn´t leave any stains when handling. Raw aluminum on the other hand leaves black stains everywhere.


The choice of material and the area of ​​use makes cliq-up a basically indestructable onetime product - when in place no one will see it, and it will not be exposed to any significant stress or wear.


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