cliq up - straight on the wall



- a familiar type of hanging

This is how it often looks like after a while. NOTE! If pads are used with cliq-up, it can look like this forever - it´s totally up to you!


Top line

- a quite common variant

Perfectly suitable for a few paintings, but can give a rather heavy impression if there are many. Some says that it looks like drying laundry, others don´t. Large paintings can preferably align with door openings.


Center line

- feels harmonic and balanced

With many paintings in different sizes, this usually will work and please many.


Bottom line

- almost always a good look

Gives a dynamic and alive hanging that fits in most environments. The bottom line should not be lower than 4'7 ft (140 cm) and not higher than 4'11 ft (150 cm) from the floor.


There´s a blank spot!

- some kind of organized chaos

Many different frames and sizes of paintings, hung in groups, can become art themselves. Should be tested and adjusted on the floor before the hanging starts.


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