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Personal information

Cliq Solutions protects your personal information and we always strives to maintain a high level regarding data protection. We will never ever sell or in any other way redistribute information that we gathered here. In this policy you´ll get information regarding which personal information we gather and why we do it, your rights and how you claim them. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions regarding this.

Regarding customers we collect name, contact info (address, email, phone no), payment history, ordering info (which items and delivery address), IP-address (when uploading images). This information is gathered so that we can fulfill our obligations to the purchase agreement if and when we start any kind of e-commerce. We will save the information until the customers 'My Account' is deleted by the customer. Deleting an account could be initiated by the customer, or automatically if there haven´t been any activity for the latest 36 months.

According to GDPR you have the right to request extracts from our register of your information, and have these corrected if they are incorrect, incomplete or misleading. You also have the right to contact Datainspektionen if you have any complaints about our handling of personal data.

Responsible for maintaining this is
Cliq Solutions AB
Arrendevägen 59
187 30 TÄBY
(Company ID 559143-0524)


A cookie is a small textfile saved in your browser when you visit a website. Cookies are used on most websites in order to assure functionality and to make it easier to the visitor. There are two kinds of cookies: done saves a file in your computer during a long, often specified, and the other (session cookie) is used temporarily during your visit and is deleted when you close your browser. only uses session cookies, in order to make it work smoothly. When our webshop is launched, they will be used to save products to the shopping basket, and other things that make your experience smoother. The information is deleted when you close the browser.

If you don´t want to use cookies you can turn them off in your browser settings, but it might effect functions and the experience of We can handle orders manually via email, but this can affect both delivery time and delivery info.


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