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Work in progress, Acrylic board: 340×450×4 mm, waiting for paintjob, 1 cliq-up for floating hanging


Towel board in Waxholm: 20 mm bench top, 30×140 cm, 1 cliq-up for floating hanging


A small cupboard on a wall somewhere: plywood, 3 drawers, 28×28×36 cm, 2 cliq-up for flush hanging


A dining room somewhere in Stockholm: 3 mm Dibond photos 120×60 cm, cliq-up for flat objects, 13 mm distance to the wall


Old rather heavy mirror: 3 kg, wood, 36×83 cm, 1 cliq-up for floating hanging


Letterpress drawer for small items: wood, 72×52 cm, 2 cliq-up for floating hanging


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