cliq up - straight on the wall


Frame mount, canvas

Canvas paintings - hovering impression

- quick, safe and easy hanging of canvas paintings

Give your canvases a new look by letting them hover! Very fast and smooth mounting - two screws in the painting, one in the wall. Click it up. Done!


A complete kit for hanging a canvas painting on the wall. (Pads are included in consumer packs. For larger packs, pads has to be ordered separately.)

Mounting samples:

Hovering hanging

Both deep and shallow canvases can get a new look if hovering parallel a tiny distance (1/6" inch (5 mm)) away from the wall.

Distance pads

The pads have several functions - they protect the wall from scratches when adjusting, as well as they give a little bit of extra tension between the mounts which makes the adjustment even smoother.


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