cliq up - straight on the wall


2-in-1: Mount & strengthener

Hanging and strenghtening at the same time

- the ultimate solution for large and heavy paintings

Corner kit

A kit includes all thats needed two hang one or two paintings - the number depends upon whether the mounts are used in all corners, or just the upper corners.

Heavy and/or large frames

Really large paintings often have a significant weight, especially if there is a glass mounted (or if it´s a mirror).

These mounts is available in severel standard lenghts, and the horizontal adjustment value is up to 90% of the width of the mount. The painting will hover 0.2" (5 mm) away from the wall.

Distance pads

Distance pads are always recommended. They protect the wall from scratches when adjusting, as well as they give a little bit of extra tension between the mounts which makes the adjustment even smoother.

Large frames

Easy to mount, connect the puzzle and attach it with the screws.


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